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Chipper Shredder Vacuum Bag Assembly

Item: 664-04040
Chipper Shredder Vacuum Bag Assembly
Item: 664-04040


If you're wanting to better control where your chips land or are trying to avoid debris all over your yard, this bag is for you! Avoid the hassle and extra time needed to rake or shovel the chips. This bag attaches easily to most chipper shredder vacuums to catch all your debris.

  • 2.34 Bushel Capacity holds a large amount of debris so you don't have to keep stopping to empty
  • Made of heavy duty material that won't tear when in use
  • Use the strap to hold the bag in place on your chipper shredder vacuum
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* This part replaces: 664-0090, 664-0093, 664-0095, 764-0507, 764-0630, 764-0632, 764-0632A, 964-0095



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