Yard-Man Walk Behind 12A-26MB055


  • Model : Self Propelled
  • Engine : PowerMore752Z1P65M0139cc

Operator's Manuals

Image Model Manual Form Number Download
12A26MB055 MOWER:139CC ENG 22 IN
MANL:OPER:ENGL:12X:26M 769-02298B PDF
MANL:OPER:ENGL:12X:26M 769-03419 PDF
MANL:OPER:ENGL:12X:26MB 769-03419A PDF

Maintenance Schedule

Before Each Use

  1. Check engine oil level
  2. Always add fresh fuel to your equipment's fuel tank
  3. Check air filter for dirty, loose or damaged parts
  4. Inspect and clean around muffler to remove dirt build-up. Accumulation of debris around muffler could cause a fire

Every 10 Hours

  1. Tighten hardware
  2. Check engine oil level
  3. Check air filter

Every 25 Hours of Use

  1. Clean and re-oil air filter's foam pre-cleaner
  2. Check blade for dents or damage
  3. Change engine oil and replace oil filter

Prior to Storage

  1. Check spark plug condition and gap. Replace if the spark plug shows signs of wear
  2. Run engine dry of fuel or use a fuel stabilizer
  3. Remove the battery and place it on a trickle charger. Clean battery terminals*

*If applicable

Always refer to your operator's manual for additional detailed information

Diagnose & Troubleshoot

Common Symptoms:

How To's