White Outdoor Riding Mower 13AJ606G790


  • Model : RT99 LTLawn Tractor
  • Engine : Briggs & Stratton752B0293E118.5 HP
  • Deck Cutting Width : 42 Inches
  • Number of Blades : Two
  • Transmission Type : Variable Speed

Operator's Manuals

Image Model Manual Form Number Download
13AJ606G790 TRACTOR:42 AUTO 18.5HP 6STY
GDE:OWNR: 13AJ606G790 769-00984 PDF

Maintenance Schedule

Before Each Use

  1. Check engine oil level by using the dipstick
  2. Always use fresh fuel when filling the equipment's gas tank
  3. Check air filter for dirty, loose or damaged parts
  4. Inspect and clean around muffler to remove dirt build-up. Accumulation of debris around the muffler could cause a fire

Every 10 Hours

  1. Check engine oil level
  2. Keep battery cables and terminals clean and free of corrosive build-up. After cleaning apply a light coat of petroleum jelly or grease to both terminals

Every 25 Hours of Use

  1. Clean and re-oil air filter's foam pre-cleaner (if equipped)
  2. Remove front and rear wheels;lubricate the axles and the rims well with an all-purpose grease before re-installing them
  3. Clean engine cooling fans with a brush or compressed air
  4. Lubricate the steering rack and pinion gear located under the front of the unit

Every 50 Hours of Use

  1. Change engine oil

Every 100 Hours of Use

  1. Replace air filter
  2. Check spark plug condition and gap using a feeler gauge

Every Season

  1. Lubricate all the pivot points on the drive system, parking brake and lift linkage with light oil
  2. Lubricate the axles and the rims with an all-purpose grease before re-installing them

Prior to Storing

  1. Run engine dry of fuel or use a fuel stabilizer
  2. Remove battery, clean battery terminals and hook up to trickle charger
  3. Lubricate axles and rims
  4. Clean engine cooling fans
  5. Check spark plug condition and gap
  6. Always refer to your operator's manual for additional detailed information

Diagnose & Troubleshoot

Common Symptoms:

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