Robotic Lawn Mower Overview from MTD

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The WOLF-Garten robotic lawn mowers are designed with the customer in mind; capable of handling even spacious terrain all by themselves.  Besides being fun to watch and extremely easy to maintain, they do a remarkable job grooming grass areas to perfection.

Mowing, mulching, trimming -  all in a days work.  Once the basic data such as lawn size and contour cutting has been stored, the battery-powered Robo Scooter is ready to mow, no further help needed.  As power levels decrease and the battery needs to recharge, the Robo Scooter independently pilots back to the charging unit.  Fully charged, the Robo Scooter continues moving immediately, the trimming of the lawn edges included!

Lawn care - the reliable and safe way.  The perimeter wire is easily laid out, serving as an invisible barrier which keeps the Robo Scooter from leaving the designated mowing areas.  When it bumps into something, it promptly changes directions and continues mowing.  Inclines and sloping terrain? Not a problem.  In addition, both Robo Scooter models are equipped with numerous sensors, which immediately halt the blades when it is either lifted, tilted, if it bumps into rigid obstacles or in the event of a downpour.  An integrated pin-code alarm system also keeps thieves away.

RoboScooter Infographic

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