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Get tips on operating a push mower and ordering the right lawn mower parts from MTD


Push mowers are well suited to small- to medium-sized lawns.  They offer a crisp cut and are safer and better for the environment than other mowers.  They're also simple to use and give you a great workout!  The type of lawn you will be mowing should be considered before operating a push mower.  While they can be used on sloping lawns, bumpy and overgrown lawns may not be right for a push mower.  If you're thinking about using a push mower for the first time, and wondering how, consider the following tips.


General tips when operating a push mower


  • Stop the blade when crossing gravel drives, walks or roads.
  • If the equipment should start to vibrate abnormally, stop the engine and check immediately for the cause.  Vibration is generally a warning of trouble.  If it persists, take it to a certified dealer for repairs.
  • Sloped yards are a major factor related to slip-and-fall accidents, which can result in severe injury.  If you will be operating your push mower on a slope, be sure to use extra caution.  It's best not to use a push mower on a slope greater than 15 degrees.


How to operate a push mower

  • Mow across the face of slopes: never up and down.  Exercise extreme caution when changing direction on slopes.
  • Watch for holes, ruts, rocks, hidden objects or bumps which can cause you to slip and trip.
  • Always be sure of your footing.  If you feel you are losing your balance, release the blade control handle immediately and the blade will stop rotating within 3 seconds.
  • Keep lawn mower blades sharp for a healthy lawn.
  • Mow moving forward.


How NOT to operate a push mower


When operating a push mower,

  • Do not mow near drop-offs, ditches or embankments.
  • Do not mow slopes greater than 15 degrees.
  • Do not mow wet grass as unstable footing could cause you to slip.


How to take care of your push mower


Keep your push mower in pristine condition by using genuine, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.  You can use our Part Finder to locate the correct <a data-cke-saved-href="http://www.mtdparts.com/equipment/mtdparts/parts" href="http://www.mtdparts.com/equipment/mtdparts/parts" "="" title="">lawn mower parts you need for your push mower. Monitor blades and belts throughout the season to watch for wear and tear that would show they need to be replaced, and change the oil after every 50 hours of mowing (unless you're using a reel or electric push mower).

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