Holiday Yard Decoration and Maintenance Tips

The hard work you put in from spring through fall will continue to pay off in winter when your yard and landscaping become a beautiful backdrop for your holiday decorations. We trust you used your lawn and garden tools to make the maintenance of your canvas as easy as possible.


Before you hang your first string of lights, we thought we would share a couple of our favorite styles with you:


It is hard to beat the simple elegance of the traditional look. A wreath hung on the door. A single, solid strand of lights strung from the eaves and matching strands draped through the trees. The warm glow of candle lights shining through the windows. It works. It just works.

Country Hearth

We love discovering new ideas to help bring a warm country flair to the look and feel of holiday decorations. Wreaths can take on a more rustic look when made from twigs. Garland adds a bit of holiday cheer when draped over the front door. Antiques and crafts abound. And, there can be no more of a perfect fit for the vintage wooden sled you have gathering dust in the garage.

Winter Wonderland

We are not sure of the science behind choosing the appropriate number of inflatable, animated decorations to use in the yard. The correct answer - a number between one and no-such-thing-as-too-many - delivers a twinkling show which brings a smile to all ages. If it takes a herd of animated deer helping themselves to a drink from a faux-river of blue lights running across your yard to earn that smile, then so be it.

Lighting Spectacular

Someday you might find yourself with a spare crate of outdoor lights sitting in your garage. When this day comes then maybe it is time to turn up the volume on your decorating style. Use all of them and make the folks in the next county over wonder about the new glow they have noticed on the horizon.

If not too late, we suggest taking one last pass at your landscaping to ensure it is ready to serve as an idyllic backdrop for what you have in mind.

  • Deciduous trees and shrubs can be trimmed any time between dormancy and budding. However, you do want to avoid any pruning or lopping when the temperature is under 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Cutting frozen branches can cause splintering and damage to your trees and shrubs.
  • Use yard debris - or the limbs of discarded Christmas trees - to insulate the soil in your landscaping beds with a winter layer of mulch made with the help of your chipper/shredder.
  • Speaking of discarded Christmas trees, use your chainsaw to cut up what is left after the branches have been mulched. Haul the freshly cut wood down to the fire pit using our EZ-Stow hauler.

We enjoy discovering lighting displays large and small during the holidays. It may be our favorite part of our favorite time of the year. We admire the spirit of the work and we definitely appreciate the time it takes to create them.

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