Is My Repair Covered Under My MTD Warranty?

Learn how to tell if your lawn mower repair is covered under warranty

If your walk-behind or riding lawn mower is not running properly, you may be wondering if the necessary repairs are covered under your MTD warranty. Depending on the warranty period you have, statement details and requirements for coverage, you may be in luck. Follow these steps to determine if your lawn mower repair or purchase of replacement MTD lawn mower parts is under warranty. 
1. Start by reviewing your original document to determine if you're still within the original timeframe for your lawn mower warranty. If you can't find it, a copy should be located within your MTD mower manual, which you can download for free. 
2. Use our troubleshooting tool to determine the problem and see if it is mentioned in your statement details. (If you can't find the source of the problem or if it's not mentioned in your statement, skip to step 4)
3. Make sure all the requirements for coverage have been met.
4. Take your lawn mower to an Authorized Service Center near you for an evaluation. MTD warranty service requires proof of purchase so make sure you bring along a bill or receipt. Our service dealers will perform a diagnostic to determine what's wrong, how to fix it and if it's under warranty. You may be charged a fee for the evaluation, which will be waived if it is found to be under your lawn mower's warranty. 
5. If your repair is covered under warranty, the service shop can take care of it for you. If it's not, you can order the MTD lawn mower parts you need with our Parts Finder  and get started on the repair yourself, or pay for professional service depending on the cost and your comfort level making repairs.

How long are normal-wear parts covered under MTD Warranty?

Like most warranties, normal wear and tear on your machine and lawn mower parts is not covered. However, the MTD warranty does cover any of the following parts should they fail within 30 days of your purchase. 
  • Batteries
  • Belts
  • Blades
  • Blade adapters
  • Grass bags
  • Rider deck wheels
  • Seats
  • Snow thrower skid shoes
  • Snow thrower shave plates
  • Snow thrower auger rubber
  • Tires
After the 30 days is up, normal-wear lawn mower parts may only be covered under warranty if an Authorized Service Center determines the failure was a direct result of another warranted part failure.

Can I have warranty parts sent to me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to send out warranty replacement parts directly to consumers. If your repair is covered under warranty and you simply need a new lawn mower part, you can have it shipped to a local service dealer who will install it and check for any other needed repairs. By installing these warrantied lawn mower parts ourselves, we are insuring they perform correctly. Otherwise, if you choose to do the repair yourself, you are liable for the purchase and non-dealer installation of any MTD lawn mower parts. We cannot reimburse you for any MTD warranty repairs you perform yourself.

Can I purchase an extended lawn mower warranty?

Extended warranties are not sold or validated by MTD or MTD Parts. However, if you purchased an extended warranty through a third-party business, they may honor any repairs during this time when done in their shop.

Conduct a local service dealer today

Service coverage under an MTD warranty may vary by the make and model of your machine. After looking at the warranty in your Operator?s Manual, the easiest way to know if you have coverage is to find an authorized lawn mower repair shop  near you and bring it in for an estimate. The qualified MTD service providers there will help determine what?s wrong with your mower, how to fix it and if you?ll need to cover the cost. For answers to more questions on MTD lawn mower warranties and service, visit our warranty support page.


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