Local Lawn Mower Repair Shops

When to take your lawn mower in for professional repair service

While there are many lawn equipment repairs you can handle at home by simply ordering replacement MTD lawn mower parts, there are a few more complicated fixes that may be better handled by a local lawn mower repair shop. If you can't figure out what's wrong or the repair is outside your area of expertise, consider taking it to the professionals. 
Luckily, many of our dealers also provide lawn mower repair service and you can take your machine back to where you purchased it or to another local dealer for complex maintenance and repairs. Below are some of the repairs that may justify taking your mower to a service shop: 
  • Repairs you could make but would like to save time on and are covered under your MTD warranty  
  • Rebuilding your engine or carburetor
  •  Fixing the transmission on a riding lawn mower
  • Welding to repair holes in a mower deck
  • Refurbishing a mower purchased second hand
  • Re-aligning the tires and mower deck
  • Repairing damage from an accident such as running over a rock or stump

Take your lawn mower in for repairs and service annually if you're not doing it yourself

Maybe you're just not the do-it-yourself type. If you're not interested in making repairs yourself, you can bring your machine to a local lawn mower repair shop that will handle the minor repairs as well as the major ones. Be prepared to take it in for service tune-ups seasonally to ensure it continues to run smoothly if you don't maintain it regularly yourself.

Find your local lawn mower repair shop

To find a local spot that carries MTD lawn mower parts and will handle your lawn equipment repairs, use our service locator.  We'll help you get in touch with local lawn mower repair shops* who can handle anything from sharpening blades to rebuilding engines. Of course, if you are looking to save money and handle the repair yourself, you can use our parts finder to look up the equipment you'll need and our Knowledge Center to take you step-by-step through common repairs. 
*If you are a professional technician looking for a specific manual, you'll find free, downloadable PDFs for our lawn mowers, including parts listings, by following the instructions on our Support  page. 

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