How to Check for Leaks in Hydraulic Log Splitter Fluid

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Learn what you need for log splitter repairs to prevent further damage


The power generated by the pump in your hydraulic log splitter is what enables you to split logs with much less effort than the manual method of an axe and some elbow grease. But the hydraulic fluid is the way that power gets to the rest of your log splitter, making the system run effectively.  If your hydraulic log splitter starts leaking fluid, the machine will lose power. To avoid that, perform this basic log splitter maintenance to check for leaks and perform log splitter repairs. If you need to order outdoor power equipment parts to take care of the leaks, use the MTD Parts Finder to get the right ones for your hydraulic log splitter.

Step 1: Follow these safety precautions before you check for leaking hydraulic fluid

  • Do not use your hands to check for leaks in your hydraulic log splitter.
  • Do not operate the machine with frayed, kinked, cracked or damaged hoses, tubing or fittings.
  • Stop the engine and relieve the hydraulic system pressure before changing or adjusting fittings, hoses, tubing or other outdoor power equipment parts.
  • Do not adjust the pressure settings of the pump or valve.

Step 2: Check for leaks in log splitter hydraulic fluid

It's a good idea to check your log splitter for leaks before each use. Leaks can be detected by passing cardboard or wood over the suspected area. It is important to wear protective gloves and safety glasses even while checking for leaks. If you observe discoloration of cardboard or wood, you have hydraulic fluid leak.

Step 3: Replace leaking hoses, fittings or tubings

In the event you do discover a leak, replace the culprit with new log splitter parts. Do not operate your log splitter until the repair has been made to avoid personal injury or further damage to your machine.

Step 4: Seek treatment if you're injured by hydraulic fluid

Even a small amount of hydraulic fluid can burn or puncture skin if it is leaking at a high enough pressure. If you follow the above safety tips your chance of injury will be lower. However, if you are injured by escaping fluid, it is important to see a doctor immediately. Serious infection or reactions can develop if proper medical treatment is not administered right away, despite the size of the injury.


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