Remington Electric Yard Tools

Remington Electric Yard Tools

For all of your lawn maintenance jobs, use Remington electric yard tools to get the job done quickly, and without exhaust emmissions. Remington® power tools are engineered to be reliable and easy to use. Our outdoor yard tools can take on any task - from minor tree trimming to whipping an overgrown yard into shape. The Remington Lasso string trimmer converts to a lawn edger. For trimming that needs to be done in trees or high bushes, a Remington electric polesaw extends to a variety of lengths so you don't have to use a ladder, and then converts to a chainsaw without any tools so you can cut branches effortlessly. Electric mowers groom your lawn and blowers and vacuums clear leaves and debris. Use Remington Blaze Hedge trimmers to complete your yard maintenance.

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