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Your lawn mower helps you to keep your lawn looking clean and well-kept. Find safety tips for all your outdoor power equipment. Whether you own a push mower, log splitter or snow thrower, MTD will keep you safe while you maintain your property.

Fall Seasonal Tips

Fall is an ideal time for lawn care.  Our fall lawn care tips cover all the bases, including fertilization, reseeding, soil fertility, weed prevention and leaf removal.  Proper lawn care in the fall will fortify your grass for winter and insure it's lush and healthy in the spring.

Fall Seasonal Tips

Winter Seasonal Tips

Even if your lawn is dormant in the winter, it still requires attention.  Our winter lawn care tips feature advice on how to use, maintain and store your MTD snow blower, as well as how to protect your grass during the coldest months of the year.  Proper lawn care will help you get the lush spring lawn you want.

Spring Seasonal Tips

Spring is a very important season when it comes to caring for your lawn.  After the hardships of winter, it needs careful attention as the days start to lengthen and the grass starts to grow.  Getting off to a quick start with your spring lawn care routines is important, as it can help ensure a green and healthy lawn all season long.  As the mowing season begins, be sure to review our spring lawn care tips for helpful information and advice.

Summer Seasonal Tips

If spring lawn care is about establishing a healthy landscape, then summer lawn care is about maintaining one.  Long days of high temperatures and little rainfall can take a toll on your yard.  To avoid undoing the hard work you did in the spring and keep your landscape looking its best, make sure you're maintaining your lawn mower parts and following proper summer lawn maintenance techniques.  Our summer lawn care tips feature advice on watering your grass, boosting your curb appeal, starting a vegetable garden and more.  Create a landscape you'll be proud of with our lawn care tips for summer.

Knowledge Center

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