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Snow Blower Selection and Safety

Snow Blower Safety Tips and Buying Advice


Choosing a single-stage or two-stage snow blower

There are four things to consider when choosing a snow blower: surface, size, slope and snowfall. Check out the differences below to see which would work best for your conditions.

Perform proper snow blower maintenance and take safety precautions

Get in a routine of checking your snow blower parts for maintenance before and after each use. Vibrations of the machine can loosen nuts and bolts, which if not tightened can lead to problems. And, the sooner you identify parts that need replacement - like a dirty Spark Plugs or worn Belts - the less likely it will be that your machine experiences down time.

MTD Genuine Parts offers snow blower accessories like snow cabs and chute cleaners to make clearing snow safer and easier. And, no matter which snow blower you purchase, it's important to follow proper safety instructions.


Snow blower Safety Tips


Fix equipment issues quickly

When you need parts for your snow blower, you can use the MTD Genuine Parts Part Finder to find the correct one. Common parts include:


The MTD Genuine Parts knowledge-center provides do-it-yourself instructions for performing many basic maintenance tasks, including replacing spark plugs, drive and auger belts, and engine oil. If you find your machine has a bigger problem, use our service locator to find a qualified MTD service provider in your area.