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Garden Tiller Maintenance

Check out this tiller maintenance schedule to keep your machine pristine

Proper tiller maintenance is essential to keeping your rototiller in good condition over the years. Know what to look for when you're doing tiller maintenance and repairs to determine if you need to make a simple adjustment or order new tiller parts for your machine.


Before Each Use After 2-hour Break in Every 5 Hours of Use Every 10 Hours of Use Every 30 hours of use See engine manual for freq.
Check motor oil level X   X      
Clean Engine X          
Check drive belt tension   X   X    
Check nuts and bolts   X   X    
Change motor oil   X   X    
Check transmission gear oil   X     X  
Lubricate tiller       X    
Check tines for wear         X  
Check air pressure in tires         X  
Clean engine           X
Service air filter           X
Service the spark plug           X


Find tips for rototiller maintenance and repairs