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12-Volt Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Battery - 230 CCA

Item: 725P17130
12-Volt Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Battery - 230 CCA
Item: 725P17130


Ensure your lawn mower is ready for your next job with this Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery. AGM batteries are designed to hold their charge longer in storage and cold weather, ensuring your outdoor power equipment is ready when you are. Its non-spillable design and higher vibration resistance means you can get the job done without interruptions.

  • Factory tested and approved to provide the perfect fit, strength, durability and performance
  • Holds charge longer due to slow discharge rate
  • Improved starting performance in cold temperatures
  • Maintenance-free design is spill resistant.
  • 230 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
  • 282 Pulse Cold Cranking Amps (PCCA)
  • AH (10 Rate) 16)
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* This part replaces: 00012032, 01006556, 116724, 138735, 1708284, 1751497, 1830902, 490-280-Y018, 725-1704, 725-1704A, 725-1705, 725-1705A, 725-1705C, 725-1705D, 725-1706, 725-1706A, 725-1706B, 725-1707, 725-1707A, 725-1707B, 725-1707C, 725-1707D, 725-17130, 725-1737, 725-1737A, 725-1738, 725-1738A, 725-1750, 725-1750A, 725-1751, 725-2057, 725-3061, 725-3061A, 725-3065, 725-3077, 7251737, 925-1707C, 925-3061A, CMXGZAM280018, GW-1751497, GW-1830902, GW-7251737, GW-9092, GW-9092099, GW-9092B, GW-9487B, IH-117263-C1, IH-386164-R91, IH-IHPRLU, IH-PRLU, IH-PRMLU, IH-STLU