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How to Use a Blade Removal Tool on a MTD Riding Lawn Mower

Length of Clip:  2:45

This video will show you how to use the blade removal tool to remove the cutting blade from your MTD riding lawn mower.

Step 1

Remove your mower's deck as instructed in your Operator's Manual.

Step 2

Place blade removal tool over mower blade and side of mower deck.

Step 3

Tighten Clamping screw onto mower deck until firmly in place and blade is not moving.

Step 4

Keeping hands away from the edges of the blade, loosen the blade nut and remove the blade.

Step 5

Sharpen or replace the old blade, and secure it to the blade shaft.

Step 6

Loosen clamping screw.

Step 7

Remove the blade removal tool from the mower deck.

Note: It is important to change or sharpen the lawn mower blade at least once a year for a clean cut, which will provide a deep, even green over the entire lawn.

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