Yard Machines 26" Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Model: 31AS63EF700

This Yard Machines snow thrower moves heavy snow with a dependable two-stage auger and impeller system, and a sturdy 26" clearing width. Featuring a push-button electric starting system and a 208cc PowerMore OHV 4-cycle engine, which eliminates the need for mixing gas and oil, this unit can clear heavy snow up to 10" deep. Also featuring a 6-speed forward, 2-speed reverse propulsion system, coupled with 15" x 5" snow hog tires, this machine can handle all snow conditions. Perfect for mid-sized smooth or gravel driveways, walkways, and patios, this unit will surely get the job done.

$699.00 $599.00

Additional $49 Truck Delivery Fee

Additional Features

  1. Electric Height
  2. 208cc POWERMORE OHV Engine
  3. 26" Clearing Width
  4. Steel Skid Shoes
  5. Steel Shave Plate
  6. 15" x 5" Snow Hog Tires
  7. 180 degree Crank Chute Rotation
  8. Self-propelled, 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds
  9. 21" Intake Height
  10. 2-year Limited Warranty


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Yard Machines 26" Snow Thrower and Cover Bundle 

$628.33 $689.99