Tiller Tines / Blades

Replace bent or worn tiller blades with original manufacturer equipment

Garden tillers help you soften and cultivate soil for planting and mix in compost to fertilize. But over time tiller blades wear and need to be replaced. And if you happen to strike a rock or root and bend the blade, you'll need to change it right away as it's unsafe to operate a garden tiller with bent tines. Whether it's routine maintenance or a summer repair, when you need new blades, it's wise to order an entire set of replacement tiller tines at once even if only one is bent or worn. This helps maintain balance on your tiller, reduces wear on individual blades and can extend the longevity of your machine. Browse our selection of top-selling tiller blades or use our Part Finder to get the original manufacturer equipment you need for your garden tiller to run smoothly.

Right-Hand Tine Assembly Quick View


  • Item: 642-0016-0637
  • 642-0016-0637: Right-Hand Tine Assembly
  • This part replaces:
    • 642-0016


Garden Tiller Bolo Tine Kit Quick View


  • Item: 1901118A
  • 1901118A: Garden Tiller Bolo Tine Kit
  • This part replaces:
    • 1901118
    • GW-1245K
    • GW-1348


Left-Hand Outer Tine Quick View


  • Item: 642-0005-0637
  • 642-0005-0637: Left-Hand Outer Tine
  • This part replaces:
    • 642-0005


Right-Hand Inner Tine Quick View


  • Item: 642-0002-0637
  • 642-0002-0637: Right-Hand Inner Tine
  • This part replaces:
    • 642-0002


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