Lawn Mower Cables
If starting your walk-behind mower is becoming more of a workout than it should be, it may be time for a new lawn mower throttle cable. MTD sells replacement mower cables, including clutch cables and more, which you can use in your machine. You can use thePart Finder to easily locate the right lawn mower replacement cables for your make and model.
Keeping your walk-behind lawn mower running well may be as simple as replacing mower cables as they age. You can also find other lawn mower replacement parts, like engine parts, blades and belts. Once you have the cable that fits your make and model of mower, be sure to visit our Knowledge Center for more information on how to perform routine maintenance as well as repairs on your mower.

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  • 946-1130 946-1130
    53-inch Control Cable
    $13.79 * Free Shipping
  • 946-0957 946-0957
    50-inch Control Cable
    $11.43 * Free Shipping
  • 946-04206A 946-04206A
    76-inch Drive Engagement Cable
    $16.68 * Free Shipping
  • 946-1132 946-1132
    54-inch Control Cable
  • 946-04661A 946-04661A
    51-inch Control Cable
  • 946-1113A 946-1113A
    51-inch Control Cable
  • 946-04519B 946-04519B
    59-inch Drive Engagement Cable
  • 946-04203 946-04203
    65.5-inch Drive Engagement Cable
    $28.33 * Free Shipping
  • 946-04299 946-04299
    61.25-inch Control Cable
  • 946-04440 946-04440
    57-inch Speed Selector Cable
  • 946-04432A 946-04432A
    59-inch Drive Engagement Cable
  • 946-04373 946-04373
    59-inch Drive Engagement Cable
  • 946-04265A 946-04265A
    64-inch Drive Engagement Cable
  • 946-04112A 946-04112A
    64.5-inch Drive Engagement Cable
  • 946-0711B 946-0711B
    54.75-inch Drive Engagement Cable
  • 946-1137 946-1137
    66-inch Control Cable
  • 946-04670A 946-04670A
    50.3-inch Control Cable
  • 946-04026 946-04026
    73.5-inch Drive Engagement Cable