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MTD String Trimmer Replacement Parts

Keep your lawn perfectly trimmed with MTD lawn trimmer / string trimmer parts. We can help you maintain a lawn that you can be proud of no matter the season. Edging your lawn and trimming grass in hard-to-reach areas can take a toll on your lawn trimmer.  Proper maintenance, including replacing strings as they wear down, can prevent jams and keep your trimmer running smoothly. Easily replace any lawn trimmer parts you need to keep your lawn looking perfectly trimmed and managed.  MTD carries an expansive selection of lawn trimmer replacement parts that will accommodate any MTD brand or size lawn trimmer.  Let MTD assist you in maintaining a gorgeous yard all year round.

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  • Universal Trimmer Strap UTS-1
    Fits Most Gas and Electric String Trimmers. Clamp and Adjustable Nylon Strap Included.
  • .080" Residential Trimmer Line WLS-H80
    Universal. Fits Most Straight and Curved Shaft String Trimmers. 160-Feet of Residential Trimmer Line
  • 753-05266 753-05266
    20.5-inch Throttle Cable