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Browse a wide variety of riding mower engine parts that can help return your outdoor power equipment to peak condition. Our riding lawn mower parts will replace any piece in your MTD lawn mower make and model.

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With our Part Finder Tool you can search the part and model number of your ride-on mower engine parts to find the lawn mower replacement parts you need. And when you need some guidance on maintaining your lawn and equipment, browse our helpful articles on safety, repairs and maintenance.

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  • 937-05066 937-05066
    Air Cleaner Kit
  • KH-12-050-01-S KH-12-050-01-S
    Kohler Part Number 12-050-01-S. Oil Filter (Short)
  • KH-52-050-02-S KH-52-050-02-S
    Kohler Part Number 52-050-02-S. Oil Filter (Short) - Yellow
  • 759-3336 759-3336
    Spark Plug - RC12YC
  • KH-32-098-08-S KH-32-098-08-S
    Kohler Part Number 32-098-08-S. Electric Starter Motor
  • TC-36563 TC-36563
    Tecumseh Part Number 36563. Oil Filter
  • KH-25-050-22-S1 KH-25-050-22-S1
    Kohler Part Number 25-050-22-S1. Fuel Filter
  • BS-691035 BS-691035
    Briggs and Stratton Part Number 691035. Fuel Filter
  • 951-10517A 951-10517A
    Oil Drain Valve
  • KH-25-050-21-S KH-25-050-21-S
    Kohler Part Number 25-050-21-S. Fuel Filter
  • BS-692236 BS-692236
    Briggs and Stratton Part Number 692236. Exhaust Gasket
  • KH-24-584-45-S KH-24-584-45-S
    Kohler part number KH-24-584-45-S. Ignition module.
  • BS-697015 BS-697015
    Briggs and Stratton Part Number 697015. Air Filter Pre-Cleaner
  • KH-24-393-16 KH-24-393-16
    Kohler Part Number 24-393-16. Fuel Pump
  • TC-36356 TC-36356
    Tecumseh Part Number 36356. Air Filter
  • BS-492932S BS-492932S
    Briggs and Stratton Part Number 492932S. Oil Filter
  • 751-10349-16 751-10349-16
    Low Permeation 1/4-in Fuel Line, 16"
  • 721-0460 721-0460
    Exhaust Gasket