WOLF-Garten Roboscooter 3000

Item: 18BO30LF300

Get your Saturdays back with the Wolf-Garten 3000 robotic lawn mower. Powered by a heavy duty rechargable battery, the 3000 model can mow up to 3/4 acre lawns over a weeks' time. Simply program the days and the times the robot should operate, and the robot's random pattern "daily shaves" will result in a carpet-like lawn. All while you enjoy the time savings!

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Mowing Times 
Freely Programmable
Deck Cutting Width 
22 Inches
For Lawn Areas 
.75 Acre
Cutting Height Range 
.75" - 3.25"
Battery Run Time 
1.5 - 2 Hours
Engine Displacement 
Electric (26 V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery)
51 lbs
LC Display 
Rain Sensor, Bump Sensor, Lift Sensor, Tilt Sensor, Alarm System
Part Type 
Robotic Mower

Additional Features

  1. Personal time savings.
  2. No effort required to maintain your lawn.
  3. Grass is always cut, even while away.
  4. Creates very fine clippings that won't get tracked into the house.
  5. Mulching creates a healthier lawn.
  6. No clippings to dispose of.
  7. Can reduce or eliminate trimming.
  8. No gasoline required.
  9. No aggravating exhaust emissions or debris to deal with.
  10. Robotic mowers are dramatically quieter than conventional gas-powered mowers.

Perimeter Wire & Pegs Bundle 

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