WOLF-Garten Roboscooter 3000

Model: 18BO30LF300

WOLF-Garten 22" Robotic Lawn Mower

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Additional Features

  2. Intuitive Handling & Easy Installation: The easy-to-use LC Display facilitates the initial operation. The perimeter wire which defines the mowing area is easily layed out in no time.
  3. Trackless Return to the Charging Station: The Robo Scooter returns to the base station automatically, as soon as the battery needs to recharge. It seeks the shortest path to the boundary wire and navigates back to its base station. To avoid tracks on the grass, an intelligent program lets the Robo Scooter drive along side the perimeter cable with a random offset every time it returns to the station.
  4. High Level of Safety: Specially developed sensors guarantee a high level of safety. An electronic key lock system prevents unauthorized use. A tilt/lift sensor stops operation when lifted off the ground and a touch sensor prevents damage to the machine and the environment. Blades and wheel drive will stop immediately in the case of an event.
  5. Enabling Perfect Cutting Patterns - The Rain Sensor: When cutting wet lawns, clippings tend to clog up the cutting deck resulting in uneven cutting patterns. The rain sensor prevents this from happening by monitoring the surrounding moisture level. If the preset humidity level is exceeded, the Robo Scooter immediately returns to, or remains in the base station.
  6. Particularly Quiet Run: A special skirt guard covers the entire cutting deck to prevent injuries. This practical design feature combined with the sound optimized blades also minimizes the operating noise level.
  7. No More Time-Consuming Edging: The off-set mowing deck guarantees a nice finish along the border. No need to manually trim along walls, around trees or around other obstacles.


Mowing Times 
Freely Programmable
Deck Cutting Width 
22 Inches
For Lawn Areas 
.75 Acre
Cutting Height Range 
.75" - 3.25"
Battery Run Time 
1.5 - 2 Hours
Engine Displacement 
Electric (26 V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery)
51 lbs
LC Display 
Rain Sensor, Bump Sensor, Lift Sensor, Tilt Sensor, Alarm System

Operator's Manuals

Perimeter Wire & Pegs Bundle 

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