Remington RM1630A 16" Electric Chain Saw

Model: 41AZ55WG983

16" Electric, Remington Chain Saw features a 11.5 Amp Motor, push button oiler, and a 16" guide bar. This unit will ship via UPS or FedEx. It cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box.

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Additional Features

  1. Push button oiler
  2. Warranty - 1 Year
  3. Amps - 11.5
  4. Bar Length - 16"
  5. 16" Low kickback bar & chain
  6. Oiling System - Manual
  7. Easy view oil reservoir
  8. Product Weight - 9.5 lbs.
  9. Chain Tension - Manual
  10. 11.5 Amp Motor
  11. External adjustment screw for chain tensioning

Operator's Manuals

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