Remington Electriic Polesaw

Sometimes you need a little extra help to complete your lawn maintenance. With a Remington Electric Polesaw, you can easily reach high branches on trees and bushes without using a ladder. Safely and quickly remove any overgrown limbs while fine tuning a well-maicured yard. A Remington Pruning Saw can reach up to 15 feet and quickly converts to a chainsaw for added convenience. When you're ready to purchase a Remington Electric Polesaw, just search by model number to find the pole saw that fits your needs. Then use our Part Finder tool to replace any parts you may need after getting heavy-duty use out of your Remington Pruning Saw.

Remington 6" Branch Wizard Pruning Saw Quick View

Remington Branch Wizard Pruning Saw

  • Item: 41AZ01PG983
  • Remington 6" Branch Wizard Pruning Saw
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