Remington RM1635W 16" Electric Chain Saw

Model: 41BZ56WG983

16" Electric, Remington Chain Saw features a 12 Amp Motor, Automatic Oiler and steel bucking teeth for better leverage and control. This unit will ship via UPS or FedEx. It cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box.

$84.99 $69.99
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Additional Features

  1. Oiling System - Automatic
  2. Full wrap handle for cutting at all angles
  3. Easy view oil level window
  4. Fully assemble
  5. 12 Amp Motor
  6. Steel bucking teeth for better leverage and control
  7. Product Weight - 9.5 lbs.
  8. Chain Tension - Thumb Screw
  9. Amps - 12.0
  10. Bar Length - 16"
  11. Automatic oiler
  12. Easy access thumb screw for chain tensioning
  13. 16" Low kickback bar & chain
  14. Warranty - 1 Year

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