Remington RM1300 Electric Blower

Model: 41ABESPG983

This Remington Electric Blower features a 12 amp motor that produces an air speed of 150 MPH. This unit will ship via UPS or FedEx.  It cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box.

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Additional Features

  1. 2 Tools in 1: Functions as a leaf blower and a leaf vacuum. Features tool-less conversion from blower to vacuum.
  2. 10:1 Mulching Ratio: Reduces 10 bags of raked leaves into 1 bag of mulched leaves. Includes 1 bushel zippered leaf bag.


Engine Brand 
Engine Displacement 
Electric (12Amp)
Starting System 
Electric Start
Speed Settings 
Airflow Velocity 
150 mph
Airflow Volume 
350 cfm
Impeller Blades 
Reduction Ratio 
12.6 lbs
2-Year Limited

Operator's Manuals

  • Fuel Test Swabs 490-240-0011
    1. 2-in-1 fuel quality test for both standard and 2-cycle mixed fuels
    2. Tests for oxidized (stale) fuel and water in fuel
    3. Keeps bad fuel out of your equipment
    4. Quickly diagnoses starting problems
    5. Prevents costly repairs. Simple and easy to use.
    6. Contains three fuel swabs
  • Siphon Pump for Outdoor Power Equipment 490-850-0008
    1. The Arnold Siphon Pump Makes It Easy To Transfer Gas, Oil, And Other Liquids From Tank To Container
    2. Connect one hose to intake nozzle and feed its other end into the take you need to siphon from
    3. Connect second hose to discharge nozzle and place its other end into a container
    4. Disassembles easily for cleaning
    *Free Shipping