Remington RM0818B 18 Volt Cordless Chain Saw

Model: 41AZ10BG983

18 Volt, cordless chainsaw. Interchangeable battery pack can be used on all Remington Cordless products

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Additional Features

  1. Assembled - Yes
  2. Bar Length - 8"
  3. Voltage - 18 Volts
  4. Run Time - 150 cuts per charge
  5. External adjusting screw for chain tensioning
  6. Warranty - 2 Year
  7. Lightweight design (6.5 lbs.)
  8. 8" bar length
  9. Interchangeable battery pack for use with all Remington Cordless products
  10. Up to 150 1-1/2" diameter cuts per charge
  11. Product Weight - 6.5 lbs.
  12. Full wrap handle for multiple cutting angles

Operator's Manuals

  • Siphon Pump for Outdoor Power Equipment 490-850-0008
    1. The Arnold Siphon Pump Makes It Easy To Transfer Gas, Oil, And Other Liquids From Tank To Container
    2. Connect one hose to intake nozzle and feed its other end into the take you need to siphon from
    3. Connect second hose to discharge nozzle and place its other end into a container
    4. Disassembles easily for cleaning
    *Free Shipping
  • Fuel Test Swabs 490-240-0011
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    2. Tests for oxidized (stale) fuel and water in fuel
    3. Keeps bad fuel out of your equipment
    4. Quickly diagnoses starting problems
    5. Prevents costly repairs. Simple and easy to use.
    6. Contains three fuel swabs