Riding Lawn Mower Cables from MTD

Replace your ride-on mower parts with reliable MTD lawn mower parts. If your lawn mower cable is worn or broken from a long summer of cutting grass, we have the replacement lawn mower parts you need to keep your lawn mower in working order. Browse MTD riding mower parts and cables with our Part Finder Tool by searching the part and model number to find the part in seconds. MTD is here to assist you in all aspects of your lawn care. Whether you need help replacing your ride-on mower parts, preparing outdoor power equipment for storage or more, we have helpful resources available. We'll teach you how to safely store, maintain and use your MTD lawn mowers and other machines.

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  • 946-04173E 946-04173E
    55-inch Blade Engagement Cable
    $48.38 * Free Shipping
  • 946-04618C 946-04618C
    54-inch Blade Engagement Cable
  • 746-0970 746-0970
    5-inch Blade Brake Cable
  • 746-0968 746-0968
    16-inch Lift Cable
  • 946-04092 946-04092
    36-inch Blade Engagement Cable
    $26.77 * Free Shipping
  • 946-04728 946-04728
    76.25-inch Drive Engagement Cable
  • 946-04353A 946-04353A
    36.25-inch Blade Engagement Cable
  • 946-1085A 946-1085A
    39.5-inch Choke Cable
  • 746-0614A 746-0614A
    39.5-inch Choke Cable
  • 946-0935A 946-0935A
    73-inch Shift Cable
    $46.42 * Free Shipping
  • 946-0634 946-0634
    Throttle Cable
  • 946-0616A 946-0616A
    24.5-inch Choke Cable
  • 946-0638 946-0638
    Throttle Cable
  • 946-1086 946-1086
    Throttle Cable
  • 946-0940 946-0940
    59-inch Blade Engagement Cable