Garden Tiller Blades
Make tilling your garden easier by maintaining quality, sharp tiller blades. When blades eat through clay and enounter twigs, rocks and other debris, they can wear down. Replace them with MTD tiller blades so you can get back to gardening. You can also find other MTD tiller parts, like belts and cables, to fit your machine.

Find MTD Tiller Replacement Parts
Once you've got your new garden tiller parts in hand, be sure to visit our Knowledge Center to find helpful articles and videos that can guide you through installation as well as othe rmaintenance. Taking the time to periodically tune up your garden tiller can help it run efficiently every time you need it. If you need assistance in locatin gthe right parts for your machine, be sure to use our Part Finder tool as well.

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  • 1901118A 1901118A
    Garden Tiller Bolo Tine Kit
  • GW-10802 GW-10802
    Garden Tiller Hard-Faced Tine Kit
  • 742-04227 742-04227
    Left-Hand Bolo Tine

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  • 753-05987 753-05987
    Left-Hand Inner / Right-Hand Outer Tine
  • 642-0024 642-0024
    Right-Hand Outer Tine

    To purchase part you must first select a Color/Style Choose Style
  • 753-05986 753-05986
    Left-Hand Outer / Right-hand Inner Tine
  • 984-0205A-0637 984-0205A-0637
    Articulating Tine Assembly
  • 1916783 1916783
    Garden Tiller Counter-Rotating Tine Kit
  • 753-06016 753-06016
    Right-Hand Outer Tine