Snow Blowers/ Snow Throwers

Snow Blower & Snow Thrower Attachments and Accessories

When snow is piling up on your driveway and sidewalks this winter, you can rest a little easier knowing you can clear it away with help from MTD's snow thrower accessories. Our convenient snow blower accessories will help protect your power equipment during storage and use. A snow thrower cover is a great storage option throughout the year; you'll protect your equipment from weather elements and dust, ensuring your MTD snow thrower will be ready for use every time you need it. If the job of clearing snow is becoming a tougher job, you may need to re-enforce your equipment with snow thrower attachments. Snow thrower tire chains give your snow blower extra traction to power through wet, heavy snow. You'll have the added support you need so you can get the job done faster and get out of the cold.

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  • LED Light Bar Kit 753-08484
    LED Light Bar Kit
  • Snow Thrower Tire Chains 490-241-0029
    Fits 16" x 6.5" Snow Thrower Tires. For Tires with Knobby Tread Pattern Only.
    $42.34 * Free Shipping
  • Snow Thrower Tire Chains 490-241-0028
    Fits 16" x 4.8" Snow Thrower Tires. For Tires with Knobby Tread Pattern.
    $42.42 * Free Shipping