Edging Flower Beds & Landscaping Borders

Get tips for summer lawn care of you flower beds and weeds

The finishing touch on a finely manicured lawn is to landscape the borders and edge the flower beds using string trimmers and tiller parts like edging attachments. This summer, as you go about your lawn care and maintenance, consider the following tips and tricks to help you take your landscaping up a notch or two. With string trimmers and edgers you can create intricate garden designs and borders you'll be proud to show off at the next barbeque.


Landscape borders with a string trimmer to get what your mower missed

Even with the incredible maneuverability of zero-turn riding lawn mowers, you won't be able to get as close to your flower beds as you may like. When mowing, you'll want to keep a slight distance from the flower beds to avoid damaging your plants and kick up mulch, but this leaves the grass uneven along your landscape borders. Use a string trimmer to level out the grass near the beds. Just as with mowing, be careful not to cut more than 1/3 of the grass height to avoid scaling and damage to the lawn.


Define flower beds with an edger

Edging the flower beds and paths of your yard is a great way to create a clean, shaped look. It keeps the lawn groomed and stops the grass from creeping into beds, paths or pavement cracks. Edging is a summer lawn care tactic where an edger or tiller with edging attachment is used vertically along sidewalks, driveways, garden paths or defined flower beds to create a clean line. You will likely have some dirt and debris kicked up while edging flower beds, simply brush this into the bed or rake into the lawn and take another pass with the edger. While there are electric and manual edger options, if you have a large yard you may want to go with gas or battery-powered options.


Using string trimmers for other summer lawn care

String trimmers aren't just great for landscaping borders, they can also be used to take out-of-control grass and weeds in wild or hard to reach places like a ditch, the foundation of your home, a fence or the base of a tree. Be cautious operating around trees as the trunks may be damaged by the string. You may want to spread mulch around the base to keep grass from growing up too close to the trunk. When using your string trimmer string trimmer on tall grass, make several passes slowly. You may need to replace the trimmer string during the process depending on how large a project you are dealing with. After every use, wash your string trimmer parts to keep grass and weed clippings from causing long term damage. And when you need new trimmer parts, like string, use the Part Finder from MTD to get the right ones for your model.

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