Cleaning and Maintaining MTD Lawn Mower Parts Throughout the Summer

Get tips to clean, adjust or replace outdoor power equipment parts throughout the season

Even with routine spring and fall lawn mower maintenance, it's important to check, clean and even replace some lawn mower parts throughout the summer. In this article, we'll highlight some of the main issues homeowner's face with their outdoor power equipment and parts, as well as some easy fixes. If your mower encounters any serious damage from hitting a foreign object in the yard or has complicated engine trouble, it's best to send it out to a local MTD certified service dealer for repairs. However, there are several small problems you can fix or even avoid with proper lawn mower maintenance at home.

Routine summer care for MTD lawn mowers and parts

If your mower's working perfectly, you probably went to keep it that way. Check on these MTD lawn mower parts and more throughout the warmer months to keep your machine running smoothly. 

  • Lawn mower deck: Wash down the deck and undercarriage after each use to remove grass an debris buildup. (After the engine has been cooled.) If there's substantial buildup, you may need to use a putty knife to scrape some away.
  • Lawn mower blades: Check the lawn mower blades to see if they need to see if they need to be sharpened. You probably did this in the fall, but if you have a large yard or need to mow often, you may need to sharpen more than once a season.
  • Lawn mower air filter: If your filter gets clogged with dust and debris during the peak mowing season, which can happen in a high pollen area or a yard full of weeds, clean or replace it to ensure it's allowing your engine to work properly.
  • Oil and Fuel: While you may not need to change your oil over the summer, make sure you check fuel and oil levels on a regular basis, and include fuel stabilizer each time you fill up the tank. Check the fuel filter to make sure it's clean enough to let gas through to the engine, that your gas tank isn't over- or under-filled and that there's no water in the engine. Change the oil approximately every 50 hours as well.
  • Moving parts: Make sure gears, axels and other moving parts are approximately greased to ensure proper performance of your machine. 
  • Nuts, bolts and screws: The natural vibration of your walk-behind or riding lawn mower will cause some parts to loosen. Check and tighten bolts that need it throughout the summer.
  • Spark Plug: Having trouble starting your engine? Check your spark plug for debris; it may be time to replace it.

Fix issues with your lawn mower quickly

We've all been there. It's a beautiful summer day, you'd really rather not mow the lawn, but you've already put it off for two weeks. You head out to the garage and your mower won't start. Oh well, time to hit the beach, right? Actually, fixing problems with your lawn mower as soon as you notice them won't just mean you're ready next time; it will also keep your machine in better shape in the long run. Take some time to figure out what's going on with your machine by using our symptom checker to troubleshoot lawn mower problems.
Whether it's making minor adjustments to riding lawn mower deck cables, cleaning out the fuel lines and carburetor, or fixing your starter rope, we'll walk you through the do-it-yourself steps to replace MTD lawn mower parts and parts for your other outdoor power equipment. If you find you have a bigger problem, use our service locator  to find a qualified MTD service provider in your area. Taking care of your mower throughout the summer will help it last longer, and may even reduce some of your spring and fall lawn mower maintenance!

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