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MTD Blade Removal Tool for a Riding Lawn Mower

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How to Use a Blade Removal Tool on a MTD Riding Lawn Mower

This video focuses on safely removing lawn mower blades on your MTD riding lawn mower.  The blade removal tool helps to stabilize and remove the cutting blade so you can sharpen or replace it at the start of the season.  Keeping your blades sharp increases fuel efficiency and leads to a much healthier lawn.  It can also extend the life of your lawn mower.  Maintenance on lawn mower blades should be done once a year for a lush, even, green lawn.

Step 1: Removing the lawn mower deck

Park your riding lawn mower on a flat surface, turn it off, remove the key and lock the brakes.  You should also remove the spark plugs to avoid it accidentally turning on.  Then remove the lawn mower deck as instructed in your operator's manual and place it upside-down on a piece of cardboard or blanket.

Step 2: Attaching the lawn mower blade removal tool

When working with the blades, make sure you have safety gloves on.  Even lawn mower blades that are bent or need sharpening can cut you.  Place the blade removal tool over one end of the lawn mower blade and adjacent side of mower deck.

Step 3: Tightening the blade removal tool

Tighten the clamping screw onto the mower deck unitl it's firmly in place and the blade is not moving.


Step 4: Loosening the blade nut and removing the lawn mower blade

Keeping hand away from the edges of the blade and using the proper sized socket, loosen the blade nut that connects the cutting blade to the spindle shaft.  When removing the lawn mower blade, set the nuts and any other parts aside nearby.  You should also pay attention to the orientation of the blade while removing it.


Step 5: Sharpening or replacing lawn mower blades

Check the condition of your lawn mower blades.  If blades are not badly worn but have gotten dull, you may want to use a blade balancer and sharpener to get them ready for this season.  However, if worn away, bent or damaged, replacing the lawn mower blades may be in order.  Sharpen or replace the old blade, and secure it back on the blade shaft using the blade removal tool and the pieces you set aside before.

Step 6: Removing the lawn mower blade removal tool

Loosen clamping screw and detach the blade removal tool from the mower deck.  right the mowing deck and reattach it to the riding lawn mower.



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