E3.10 Spark Plug

E3.10 Spark Plug

E3 Spark Plugs patented DiamondFIRE technology improves power, increases fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

  • Replaces Champion J17LM, J19LM, J8C, RJ17LM, RJ19LM, RJ8C, 5861
  • Replaces NGK B2LM, B4LM, B6S, BR2LM, BR4LM


  • Lifetime Guarantee, Quicker Starts, Saves on fuel, and Reduces emissions
  • Replaces: Champion J17LM RJ17LM J19LM RJ19LM 5861
  • Replaces NGK B2LM BR2LM B4LM
  • Replaces Autolite 458 SE458 456


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